Blue Natural Capital Challenge

1st Edition | Take less, Earn more

The Oceano Azul Foundation is challenging Economists to join Jurists, Scientists, Marketeers and/or others to develop instruments that contribute to the economic enhancement of Portuguese marine natural capital. 


€150,000 prize for the implementation of the winning project that values fish in Marine Protected Areas (AMP) and surrounding areas. In this way, the commercial value of fish will be increased through the valorization of its origin, a guarantee of quality. 


 Applications until May 20, 2022. 


Ocean stocks are in rapid decline due to overfishing of some species. At the same time, we know that the profitability of fishing companies is low and the average production per Portuguese fisherman is significantly lower than in other European countries. The low productivity of the fishing sector is exacerbated by the scarcity of fish, so its economic growth must be based on the creation of more value per unit of capture, taking advantage of the richness and diversity of the Portuguese sea.  


The differentiating factor will be the quality, not the quantity, of fish caught, contributing to a more sustainable and more productive economic model, reversing the logic of overexploitation of fish and creating new mechanisms in political action. 


By developing a practical case, based on an intervention of an economic nature and with contributions from the legal, scientific and communication/marketing areas, the project must prove that the valorization of natural resources increases the commercial value of fish, benefiting the fishing activity and valuing fishermen as potential allies of Marine Protected Areas. 

Therefore, the proposal must guarantee: 

– Increased profitability for fisherfolk. 

– Decreased fish catches. 

– Increased resources’ availability in the ocean. 


Check the Regulations to learn more about the Blue Natural Capital Challenge and how you can submit a proposal. 


Regulation here