Ocean Alive

Fisherwomen as community leaders.

Our goal

Acting at the local scale, this initiative promotes ocean literacy for the general population, organizes campaigns to collect plastic trash left by fishermen, empowers fisherwomen as community leaders and helps protecting the local species and ecosystems.

Initiative status
Stage 3 : Ongoing
Initiative keywords
  • Collect Plastic
  • ecosystems
  • Fisherwomen
  • Literacy
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General Population in the Sado estuary region.


Promoting ocean literacy for the general population, campaigns to collect plastic trash left by fishermen, empower fisherwomen as community leaders and help to protect the local species and ecosystems.


Ocean Alive is a cooperative dedicated to ocean protection through marine educational programs with a goal of changing behaviours. Its activity is centered in the Sado estuary region, which is one of the most important wetland in Europe and has a unique population of bottlenose dolphins, that use the estuary and the nearby adjacent coastal waters. Fishermen collect shellfish inside the estuary during the low tide and to extract the molluscs (razor clams), fishermen use salt to make the clams come to surface and leave thousands of empty plastic packages in the intertidal beds of the estuary. For this purpose, a campaign called “Mariscar SEM Lixo” (fish for shellfish without trash) will be organised involving fisherwomen from the Sado estuary as community leaders, promoting best-practices and involving local stakeholders to reach the wider community that uses the estuary and seagrass beds.

Supporting this project is in line with the Foundation and Oceanário de Lisboa objectives. The outreach materials and media will be available to be exhibited at Oceanário de Lisboa and at the Foundation’s website.

This project started in January 2017 and will have the duration of one year. Follow-up actions are being discussed.

Initiative numbers

12 months

From January 2017 to December 2017

“Mariscar SEM Lixo” Project

Campaign video.

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