Day 1 Oceano Azul Expedition

North of Pico Island


The day began with a cloudy sky and the lack of light did not help the media’s team formed by photographers / film directors of National Geographic Pristine Seas, Waitt Foundation and the Portuguese photographer, Nuno Sá.


The team responsible for the scientific cams, at 6:30 am, leaved the mother boar for drop the deep-waters cams with bait, at 300m and 800m deep, and  pelagic baited cameras at 10m deep.


The scientific teams turned a little unmotivated from the morning dives. In the afternoon the smiles were notorious, the diving spots were much more vibrant with biodiversity. Barracudas, groupers, some species of sea slugs, various species of marine flora and invertebrates, such as the slipper lobster, were observed. In all, they dived in six different locations.


The ROV “LUSO” and the hydrographic vessel NRP Almirante Gago Coutinho were nearby and the ROV did observations and took samples of the deep ecosystems, at depths between 800m and 300m.


Photos 4,6,7,9 and 10 shot by Joe Lepore / Waitt Foundation