The Future of the Planet

In a planet increasingly threatened by rising temperatures, pollution and warming oceans, finding solutions are urgent. These challenges, their solutions, and more, will be discussed in Lisbon on September 14 and 15, at The Future of the Planet, a two day series of events and talks about how to tackle today’s biggest challenges. Speakers include former Secretary of State John Kerry, underwater biologist and explorer Sylvia Earle, ecologist Carl Safina and many other national and international experts.

Alerts from the scientific community come at a steady pace. The thermometers will continue to rise, and the oceans warm up, extreme droughts will continue and large storms will become more frequent.

Every day, greenhouse gas emissions create a temperature equivalent to 400 thousand Hiroshima bombs in the atmosphere. The oceans have served as buffers for all this heating, absorbing more than 90% of the temperature that is generated by greenhouse gases, however, we can clearly see they are suffering all these effects. The rise of average sea level will forever change the geography of coastal zones, causing millions of climate refugees and threatening fauna and flora as we know them today. The clock does not stop.

At this timely event, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and marine explorer and biologist Sylvia Earle will propose urgent measures for the future of the oceans, such as the creation of protected marine areas to ensure that species adapt to climate change. But there will be much more to discuss during these two days. 

This conference will bring together more than 50 national and international experts, discussing topics like how we can understand how the Azores are today becoming an epicenter of the sea, and how we can discover the true habitat of the planet.



With the main stage in Teatro Camões, there will also be informal “talks in the air” at the Parques das Nações Telecabins and sessions at the Oceanário de Lisboa. The event itself is organized by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, in partnership with the Oceano Azul Foundation.

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