Facts & Numbers

From the ocean.

Facts & Numbers

Learn some facts here based on numbers from the ocean.


Man reached the deepest known point of the ocean in 2012. Movie director James Cameron was the one to claim the achievement.

Source: Deepsea Challenge

2 x

Mankind has reached the deepest location of the ocean for only two occasions: the first one happened in 1960, the second in 2012.

Source: National Geographic

10.900 m

The deepest known location in the ocean is called Challenger Deep and it is 10.900 meters below sea level.

Source: CNN

4 km

The average depth of the ocean is four kilometers.

Source: Missouri Botanical Garden


There are currently more than 238.700 marine species described.

Source: WoRMS, April 2017


More than 50 percent of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean.

Source: EarthSky Communications Inc.


The daily diet of three billion people (40 percent of the world’s population) is based on marine-origin food.

Source: Portugal e o Mar


More than 50 percent of consumed fish is supplied by aquaculture production.

Source: FAO

80 M

Annually, 80 million tons of fish are captured around the world.

Source: FAO


Aquaculture is responsible for the production of 580 marine species around the globe.

Source: FAO


According to World Wildlife Fund, the global fishing fleet capacity is over 2.5 times bigger than the values that would be sustainable for the ocean.

Source: WWF


When abroad, a tourist spends extra 440 liters of water, when compared with the amount consumed when he’s in his home country.

Source: United Nations Environment

14 Billion

Offshore energy produce, globally, more than 14 billion watts a year. It is pretty much the same as the consumption of an industrialized city with 1.5 million inhabitants.

Source: Offshore Wind


It is predicted that, in 2025, there will be a ton of plastic residues in the ocean for every three tons of fish.

Source: The Guardian


In 2013, a whale stranded on a beach of Spain had swallowed 17 kilos of plastic.

Source: The Guardian


More than 90 percent of international commerce is transported by sea.

Source: Portugal e o Mar


About 75 percent of the fishing resources are in advanced decline.

Source: FAO


90 percent of Earth’s current thermal energy has been stored, throughout last decades, in the ocean.

Source: Washington Post


In 2030, about 90 percent of coral reefs around the world will be under threat of extinction.

Source: The Huffington Post

100 and 1000

Coral reef which are degraded because of some fishing techniques take between 100 and 1000 to recover its health.

Source: ScienceDaily


Every year, we throw eight million tons of plastic to the ocean.

Source: National Geographic

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