The Founder

The XXIst century will be the century of the oceans.

Message from the Founder

The founder of Oceano Azul Foudation, José Soares dos Santos welcomes you to the foundation’s website.

Founder’s Letter

Unsustainable development, with the abuse of the natural resources, continues not only to deteriorate the environment, but will hinder Human development. The dependency between humans and the planet is, thus, becoming clear in the eyes of all.

When we look into environmental sustainability, we have to look onto the seas and oceans. They are an important life support of the planet and they are under greater threat than most people, including our decision makers, realize.

Due to the exhaustion of terrestrial natural resources and the development of sophisticated underwater technologies, we will be witnessing a global race to the oceans. Our economies will move further offshore, with increasing deterioration of the marine environment.

This is why we are committed to contribute to the vision that a healthy ocean must be able to coexist with human development. We support this vision through the Oceano Azul Foundation, an organization exclusively dedicated to ocean sustainability.

We must address complex challenges such as further understand the links between the ocean and climate change, dedicate resources to save key marine species, address the challenge of marine pollution from plastics, or make the case for sustainable marine protein production, and much more. Together with a global network of partners, we will do our best to pursue this objective.

The biggest challenge to our generation is to make sure that we leave to our children a more sustainable and resilient world than the one we currently have. The Oceans are a key feature of that legacy.

If you share this vision, join us in this tremendous challenge!

The XXIst century will be the century of the oceans.

“We are committed to contribute to a vision: that healthy oceans can coexist with human development.”

José Soares dos Santos

Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos

Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos

Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos (SFMS) was established on August 2nd 1941 by Francisco Manuel dos Santos and his children. The goal was to formalize the participations he had in several companies, such as Jerónimo Martins, co-owned by him since 1921.

Today, SFMS is an international global holding company which manages a range of investments in distinct areas, such as distribution, manufacturing, agri-food, specialized retail, health care services and citizenship and environment. Supported by its current shareholders, heirs of the founder, the main role of SFMS is to ensure the continuity of the Group with a vision of future.

With the experience of more than four generations, Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos is a Group that employs more than 90 thousand people, has revenues of €15 billion and serves directly more than 300 million people in various countries.