The Foundation

To look at the planet's sustainability from the ocean’s point of view.

Our Vision

A healthy ocean is essential for human development.

Our Mission

Contribution toward a healthy and productive ocean for the benefit of our planet.

Why we care for the ocean?

We are committed to contribute to a vision: that healthy oceans can coexist with human development.

It provides oxygen to the planet, regulates the weather and mitigates global warming by absorbing CO2 and heat from the atmosphere.

Greatly contributes to the world economy offshore (energy, shipping for international trade and food supplier for a growing population).

Our Dedication

In order to gain its space globally, the Oceano Azul Foundation has chosen a strong idea based on its motto ‘From the ocean’s point of view’, and transformed into three pillars of action. Jointly these pillars will promote education, awareness, engagement, and behavioral change. They will also act to further implement an innovative blue economy as well as protection and recovery of our ocean. In doing so increased democratization and enlarged government will work to implement sustainable uses of our ocean.

Ocean Literacy

Prepare a blue generation through educational programs for school children and increase public awareness on the challenges of ocean sustainability, aiming to give a voice to the ocean.

Ocean Conservation

Protect, value and promote our blue natural capital, supporting marine protected areas and other sustainable uses of the ocean.

Capacity Building

Promote integrated ocean governance, based upon ethical values and rooted in scientific knowledge; support an environmentally friendly and innovative blue economy.

Some of Our Initiatives

Blue Azores
Blue Azores

Protecting, promoting, and valuing the blue natural capital of the Azores

Azores Scientific Expeditions
Ocean Conservation
Azores Scientific Expeditions

Working together to leave a permanent mark on the conservation of these unique and fragile ecosystems.

Campaign “If it doesn’t go in the bin it goes in the sea”
Ocean Literacy
Campaign “If it doesn’t go in the bin it goes in the sea”

A joint initiative by Oceano Azul Foundation and Oceanário de Lisboa

Oceans’ Conservation Fund
Ocean Conservation
Oceans’ Conservation Fund

A joint initiative by Oceano Azul Foundation and Oceanário de Lisboa

Marine Protected Areas
Ocean Conservation
Marine Protected Areas

Increase the number of MPAs in the ocean.

Our Values


for nature, marine life and the planet.

with future generations, who should be entitled to benefit from the ocean’s natural capital.

and scientific research to support decision-making.

to ensure higher levels of development through sustainable uses of the ocean.

and critical thinking focused on solutions (problem solving approach).

in cooperation and networking.

on working relationships, management processes and ocean stewardship.

Global Outreach

Act as a catalyst to raise the role of Portugal as an ocean country that protects its blue natural capital and promotes the sustainable development of the ocean through an engaged society.

Focus on capacity building activities for a new ocean governance within Europe.

Transatlantic cooperation involving north and south America and countries in Africa.

Become a renowned partner at the global level, promoting ocean conservation and sustainability programs in cooperation with public and private institutions (e.g. UN, NGOs and other Foundations), including Small Island Developing States (SIDS).


Working together to leave our children a more sustainable world.