Oceanário de Lisboa & Us

The Oceano Azul Foundation’s window to the ocean.

A strong relationship

This is a relationship between two institutions based on a common denominator – The Ocean.

It is about the richest and closest possible involvement between our two organizations that makes it possible to turn mutual benefits into a global advantage.

These welfares derive from notoriety and credibility with the successful development of the activities of both institutions and given their coincidence and complementarity.


Oceanário de Lisboa is one of the best ocean windows in the world.

Oceanário de Lisboa

State-of-the-art aquarium and infrastructure, with qualified and dedicated biologists.


Composed of more than 30 aquaria with 8,000 marine organisms, between animals and plants, of over 500 different species.

With over 20 million visitors since 1998, it’s one of the most visited attractions in Portugal.


Rated as the best aquarium in the world by the website TripAdvisor (2015, 2017 and 2018).

Possibilities turn to Reality

This unique asset will allow the Oceano Azul Foundation to:

. Promote an emotional link with the ocean, by showing the beauty of the underwater world to the general public;

. Communicate with more than 1,4 million people every year (visitors);

. Increase its recognition process and potentiate the awareness of its initiatives;

. Benefit from highly experienced staff in Biology (>30 biologists), education, conservation, communication and marketing;

. Be part of an already wide network of universities, NGOs, governmental bodies and others;

. Have access to infrastructures and other resources, thus becoming more efficient;

. Acquire immediate expertise for its Ocean Literacy Pillar, benefiting from the Oceanário de Lisboa’s educational program that today reaches more than 100.000 children and adults every year.

We are already improving:

. Building better infrastructures;

. Anticipating in many years the estimated investments;

. Enhancing its activities of Blue Literacy and Conservation.

In 2019




Invested in Ocean Literacy


Children reached by Educational Programs


Conservation Programs supported by Oceanário 

Ocean Literacy

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