Prestigious partnerships to maximize our efforts.

Network of partners

A highly qualified network of individuals and institutions supported the creation of the Oceano Azul Foundation

In Portugal

Ocean leaders from international entities

Camilla Bausch

Director of the Ecologic Institute Berlin, Germany

Brémond, Jacqueline Délia

Fondation Endemble – France

Cicin-Sain, Billiana

Gerard J. Mangone Center for Marine Policy – University of Delaware – USA

Cira, Manuel

World Ocean Network – France

Crouch, Fiona

Marine Biological Association and Co‐founder of EMSEA – European Marine Science Educators Association – UK

Crowder, Larry

Center for Ocean Solutions – USA

Damanaki, Maria

Oceans – The Nature Conservancy – USA

Erwes, Pierre

BioMarine Organization and BioMarine International Clusters Association – France

Fautrier, Bernard

Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco

Fylling-Jensen, Øyvind

Nofima AS – Norway

Gaines, Steve

Bren School of Environmental Science & Management – University of California, Santa Barbara – USA

Gjerde, Kristina

IUCN-International Union for Conservation of Nature -USA

Gold, Barry D.

The Walton Family Foundation – USA

Haymet, Tony

Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California – USA

Heffernan, Peter B.

Marine Institute – Ireland

Hughes, Terry

ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies – Australia

Jones, Michael B.

The Maritime Alliance – USA

Koldewey, Heather

ZSL – Zoological Society of London – UK

Kraemer, R. Andreas

Emeritus-Ecologic Institute – Germany

Laurentien, Princess of the Netherlands

Missing Chapter Foundation – Netherlands

Leinen, Margaret

Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Marine Sciences of the University of California – USA

Leland, Amanda

Oceans of the Environmental Defense Fund – USA

Lombardi, Paolo

WWF Mediterranean Program – Italy

Long, Tony

WWF – EU Office

Lundin, Carl Gustaf

Global Marine and Polar Programme – IUCN–International Union for Conservation of Nature – Switzerland

Mora, Stephan de

PML – Plymouth Marine Laboratory – UK

Orbach, Mike

Marine Affairs and Policy at Duke University – USA

Parker, Kristian

Oak Foundation – Switzerland

Pastor, Xavier

Oceana – Europe

Packard, Julie

Monterey Bay Aquarium – USA

Richardson, John B.

Maritime Policy and Diplomacy – Fipra – Belgium

Saab, Waddah

Marine and Maritime Research at European Commission – Belgium

Sala, Enric

National Geographic Explorer‐in‐ Residence – Pristine Seas project leader – USA

Speer, Lisa

Oceans Program – NRDC–Natural Resources Defense Council – USA

Symons, Despina

EBCD – European Bureau for Conservation and Development – Belgium

Verbeek, Monica

Verbeek, Monica

Vallette, Philippe

EBCD – European Bureau for Conservation and Development – Belgium

Vincent, Amanda

Project Seahorse and Institute for the Ocean and Fisheries – University of British Columbia – USA

Capacity Building

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