Ocean protection and conservation at COOL 2024

COOL 2024

On March 2, the third edition of COOL – Convention of Organisations for a Clean Ocean took place. Oceano Azul Foundation welcomed over 65 non-governmental organisations and citizens’ movements from all over the country, including the Azores and Madeira archipelagos, which are dedicated to protecting and conserving the ocean throughout the year.



The main objective of this meeting is to promote sharing and the exchange of experiences to bring about new collaborations and synergies.

The 2024 edition centred on the next United Nations Oceans Conference, under the motto “On the road to UNOC3”. Throughout the day, dynamics were promoted on the main themes of the international ocean agenda, with the aim of empowering NGOs and strengthening their work.

COOL ’24 was attended by national and international speakers, such as Emanuel Gonçalves, Member of the Board of Directors and Chief-Scientist of Oceano Azul Foundation, Peggy Kalas, International Ocean Policy Consultant, Flora McMorrin, RISE UP Campaign Director, and Heather Koldewey, who presented the main international priorities and concerns regarding ocean governance, including Marine Protected Areas, High Seas, and Pollution.

We also learned what are the topics that Portuguese organisations would like to see discussed at UNOC3, reinforcing their importance in presenting transformative solutions in political deliberations.



Civil society organisations are the key to inclusive governance and sustainable development, essential for creating equitable policies with a positive impact on the ocean.