Portugal’s Month of the Sea
Scouts Unite to Clean Portugal’s Beaches and Waterways

The National Body of Scouts (CNE), the Portuguese Association of Girl Guides (AGP) and the Scout Association of Portugal (AEP), with the support of the Oceano Azul Foundation and Oceanário de Lisboa, celebrated once again, the “Month of the Sea” in November 2022, via a wave of national clean-ups of beaches and waterways throughout the country.

In 2022, 70 clean-ups were conducted with the participation of more than 2530 scouts, collecting over 8.65 tons of marine litter across 86,5 kilometers of beaches and waterways.

Find on the map below who joined this unique initiative and see the results of each one of the clean-ups.

  Initiatives 2019  |    Initiatives 2020  |    Initiatives 2021  |    Initiatives 2022



2021: In 72 clean-ups from north to south of the country and islands, more than 105 kilometres of beaches, coast and riverbanks were cleaned, with 12.4 tons of marine litter collected by more than 2450 scouts.

2020: Over 700 scouts carried out 33 clean-ups. More than 35 kilometres of beaches, coast and shores were cleaned, resulting in more than 4.5 tons of marine litter collected from Portugal’s coastline and waterways.

2019: 105 clean-ups were conducted with the participation of more than 3600 scouts, collecting over 16.5 tons of marine litter across 108 kilometres of beaches and waterways.