Portugal’s Month of the Sea
Scouts Unite to Clean Portugal’s Beaches and Waterways

The Portugal’s National Body of Scouts and the Association of Guides, with the support of the Oceano Azul Foundation and Oceanário de Lisboa, celebrated Portugal’s “Month of the Sea” in November through a wave of national action to clean up beaches and waterways throughout the country.


From November 9th to 30th, 100 groups and companies, totaling over 3600 volunteers, joined together in a unique movement to carry out 105 clean-up actions.


Through this wave of collective action, more than 108 kilometers of beaches, coast and shores were cleaned, totaling more than 16.5 tons of garbage removed from Portugal’s coastline and waterways.


Learn more about each initiative on the map below and get to know the groups and companies that participated, as well as the results of each of the actions.