Blue Bio Value Business Accelerator 1st Edition




Historically, economic growth has been linked to the exploitation and subsequent degradation of environmental resources. We have reached a point in which a new paradigm must be adopted, one which includes sustainable solutions that are incorporated into a circular economy.


That is why the Oceano Azul Foundation and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation have decided to join efforts to promote the value of the sea, its natural capital and its environmental and economic sustainable use, through the Blue Bio Value business accelerator. This unique program aims to multiply business opportunities along the value chain of marine bio resources, including marine biotechnology, and sustainable development of products or services whose exploitation can contribute to a healthier use of the ocean.


By facilitating the creation of new sectors and companies based on sustainable business models, we enable the growth of a new blue economy, one that is productive and generates new opportunities for skilled work, while simultaneously conserving the ocean in an active way.

Beside seeking to increase the number of companies involved in marine biotechnology, Blue Bio Value also aims to overcome some of the main barriers that the marine biotechnology sector is facing at a global level, such as the technology associated with costs of research and development; the limitation of farming on a large-scale or commercial scale; the weak investment channeled to this type of companies; regulatory and legal challenges, as the ownership of marine resources at sea or that already exist in public institutions.


Blue Bio Value will focus on projects that represent a business opportunity along the marine bio resources chain, including biotechnology, and which have as their solution the development of sustainable products or services and whose exploration results have a positive impact on the ocean’s sustainability.


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