Oceanário de Lisboa presents newest exhibition “Hooked on Life” by Dutch artist Vincent Mock


Oceanário de Lisboa presents its newest exhibition “Hooked on Life” by Dutch visual artist Vincent Mock, in the atrium of Oceanário starting June 29.

As the artist’s largest public showing to date, the exposition brings together a collection of life-size marine animals created with over 22.000 fishhooks, and aims at raising awareness for ocean conservation through art.

The exhibition “Hooked on Life” is a tribute to the last marine megafauna, as well as an expression of Mock’s deep fascination with the natural world. His sculptures are of life-size marine animals and are built with an intricate mesh of fishhooks. This exhibition intends to raise awareness about how the extreme exploitation of marine resources is leading to the rapid destruction of these sensitive and important ecosystems.

Through his work, Mock awakens a duality of feeling in viewers. On the one hand, Mock’s art evokes the ecstasy, beauty and sheer magnitude of these giants of the ocean. On the other, his work illuminates the serious risks these incredible creatures face by threats like overfishing, as symbolized using the hooks that compose each piece.

Oceanário de Lisboa will be exhibiting seven installations, each representing a unique marine animal: The Leatherback turtle, the Common Thresher Shark and the Shortfin mako shark were specially created for the exhibition in Lisbon.

Mock has already exhibited several of these pieces in Amsterdam, New York and Israel, and is estimated to have reached 100,000 people. Mock intends to use art to raise awareness and public interest for the urgent need for ocean conservation.

The exhibition will be visible at Oceanário de Lisboa through September 30th. There is no additional cost to the permanent exhibition ticket.