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Blue Bio Value is dedicated to bringing ocean-based, sustainable solutions to a new, blue bioeconomy. Via two programs, Acceleration and Ideation, promoted by Oceano Azul Foundation and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Blue Bio Value reinforces the commitment to scaling up marine bio-based projects and ideas, fostering science-based and biotech innovations to design a better world. 


We believe that the answers to some of today’s greatest societal challenges can be found in the ocean. With the emergence of innovative industries based in marine bio-resources, we see a shift from the environmentally destructive maritime economies of the past, towards a sustainable blue economy. Blue Bio Value empowers ocean-based solutions and ideas to contribute to this new economic model.




Portugal is  the richest country in Europe in terms of marine biodiversity. Its vast maritime area includes two Large Marine Ecosystems (in the Iberia around mainland Portugal and in Macaronesia in Azores and Madeira), with enormous diversity of marine life forms, which are the raw materials of the blue bioeconomy. 


In addition, Portugal also has a solid foundation when it comes to know-how and human resources in marine sciences and bioengineering, and  dedicated public policies to foster the development of the blue economy.





Blue Bio Value Acceleration aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable blue economy, by scaling up innovative startups to move their blue solutions to the market on a global scale. Additionally, this program offers entrepreneurs the support of experienced mentors to develop a sustainable business model, understand key customer segments and prepare for investor meetings. Since its launch, in 2018, Blue Bio Value has accelerated 42 startups from 15 different countries, which have raised over 7 million Euros to further develop their projects.


This year introduces Blue Bio Value Acceleration 2021. This 7-week program will take place between October and November 2021, and will be powered by MAZE Impact, in partnership with Bluebio Alliance.


Blue Bio Value is looking for startups from around the world with projects that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology-based projects. Join the mission to accelerate the transition to a global, sustainable blue bioeconomy and promote a healthy and productive ocean for all. 


Applications for the 4th Edition of Blue Bio Value Acceleration are now open until July 26.





Blue Bio Value  Ideation offers 48-hour open innovation sessions focusing on the creation and development of ideas, to bridge the gap between academic research and the market. The goal of the Ideation program is to offer the tools to hack an idea and make it feasible for the industry, with the support of a multidisciplinary team to help tackle the challenges of technology transfer.


The Ideation program fosters science-based and biotech innovations, seeking students, researchers and alumni in the fields of Science, Tech, Engineering and Management and Marketing and enthusiasts about ocean and sustainable innovation.


Ideation will be powered by BGI-Building Global Innovators, in partnership with BlueBio Alliance.  The sessions will take place in Lisbon and Porto in September, 2021. 

Applications are now open until the 26th of July.


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