Capacity Building

Improve ocean governance in general and foster a sound ocean stewardship through better regulation.

Our Goal

The Capacity Building Pillar aims at promoting integrated ocean governance, based upon ethical values and rooted in scientific knowledge, as well as to support an environmentally friendly innovative blue economy.

There is plenty of room for Action in improving ocean governance in general and regulation and legislation of ocean uses in particular. Some maritime sectors are over-regulated and others suffer from lack of regulation. To foster a sound ocean stewardship through better regulation is therefore a goal worth following.

Also, ocean conservation per se do not attract neither engage a large group of actors which operating within the economy sector are quite innovative and could be agents of change in relation to ocean uses. To foment new uses of the sea which are environmentally friendly and even which are carbon neutral is another way to foster ocean conservation, allowing other actors to come into the scene that otherwise will not be interested to play a part. By promoting new, innovative and sustainable blue economy sectors, the Foundation is contributing to fulfil its mission of decoupling economic development from marine environmental degradation as it promotes blue growth without damaging the ocean environment.

This Pillar for Capacity Building may include other Actions directed to support advanced courses for key players such as politicians, journalists, diplomats, managers, and to promote a stronger involvement of the Foundation in the UN BBNJ process.

Ocean Literacy

Promote marine knowledge and inspire the whole of civil society.